Essential Skills

Essential Skills

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We are a Literacy and Basic Skills program funded by the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities. We offer training in the literacy and essential skills needed for work, learning and life. These include the 9 Essential Skills as defined by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada. (HRSDC)

  1. Reading Text ~ In the workplace you read text such as: notes, letters, journals, reports and/or forms.
  2. Document Use ~ In the workplace you use documents such as: charts, tables, sketches, blueprints, codebooks, diagrams and/or maps.
  3. Numeracy ~ In the workplace you use forms of numeracy such as: estimating, calculating and/or measuring.
  4. Writing ~ In the workplace you write: notes, letters, memos, directions, logs, reports and/or minutes
  5. Oral Communication ~ In the workplace you use oral communication to : take messages, seek information, facilitate groups, exchange opinions, negotiate, comfort, persuade, and/or instruct.
  6. Working with Others ~ In the workplace you work: independently, with partners, as a team and/or as a supervisor.
  7. Computer Use ~ In the workplace you operate computerized equipment, use word processing, send emails, create and/or modify spreadsheets.
  8. Continuous Learning ~ In the workplace you engage in continuous learning through regular work activities, in the workplace and/or in off-site training.
  9. Thinking Skills ~ In the workplace thinking skills include: problem solving, decision making, organizing, use of memory and/or finding information.

We offer upgrading and Grade Twelve equivalency as well as basic computer skills and specific computer courses. Adult learners who have used our serviced have become employed, obtained diplomas, been accepted into College, and been accepted into apprenticeship programs. Thank you for your interest in becoming a tutor at the Adult Learning Centre. Tutoring can give you the opportunity to make a real difference in another’s life, and to enrich your own life. Our instructors are very busy with the many adult learners who are currently attending our facility. If you are interested in tutoring adults in any high school subjects, and believe you could be of assistance, you can apply to be a volunteer instructor. It can be a very rewarding experience. Adult learners at the Atikokan Literacy Incorporated’s Adult Learning Centre are offered individual, one-to-one instruction in a program structured to meet their individual needs. You and your adult learner will design and plan your own tutoring sessions to work towards accomplishing goals, set by the adult learner.

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